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By, Dan Perttu

In this interview, I talk with Maestro Toshi Shimada, music director of the Eastern Connecticut Symphony, The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes, and the New Britain Symphony, about what is inspiring to him in his work, and he shares how the best contemporary music for him is new music that speaks to his heart. We also talk about how the best music combines both the emotional content and craft, and we discuss his diverse background and experiences, and how that informs his own views on programming music of composers from diverse backgrounds. Please join us!

Photo by Yale Daily News

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By, Dan Perttu

On this episode of the Muse in Music, I talk with Jessica Satava, the Executive Director of the Greenville Symphony in South Carolina about the process of co-creation between orchestras, composers, and audiences. We cover how orchestras have to balance fulfilling audience demand for the classics while introducing new music, particularly contemporary music that is relevant to the region of the orchestra. Please join us for this exciting conversation!

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By, Dan Perttu

Please join me as I interview conductor Andrew Crust, Music Director of the Lima Symphony Orchestra (Ohio). We discuss what inspires him in his work and cover how he programs new music along with the classics. As we talk, the concept of keeping programming "relevant" for audiences arises, and Andrew goes into depth about the meaning of "relevance."

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