By, Dan Perttu

It is my great pleasure to speak with John Devlin, Music Director of the Wheeling Symphony in West Virginia, for this post of my "Muse in Music" Blog. John shares his recommended listening list for quarantine, which includes brand-new compositions with gripping soundscapes, music from the present and past by composers from under-represented groups, and treasures from the great symphonic tradition. Please enjoy our conversation by clicking below!

By, Dan Perttu

I am super excited to be interviewing Mark Kosower, Principal Cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra, in my latest Muse in Music blog post. In this video, he shares his listening list for quarantine times.

We touch on music that speaks to the following themes that are relevant to quarantine: solace, inspiration, triumph over adversity, compassion overcoming struggle, heroism, loss and loneliness, and nostalgia.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with the eloquent Mark Kosower; please click play below.

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