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M o r e   T e s t i m o n i a l s

"Working with Daniel was a wonderful experience. He understood what I was looking for in a piece, frequently asked for feedback and made updated drafts to reflect them, and finished the piece well ahead of schedule so I had more then enough time to prepare for the premiere. The finished work was challenging but still idiomatic, and pushed the boundaries of the harp without trying to make it into something that it is not. A wonderful new piece for our repertoire!"

 Joseph Rebman, Principal Harp, Kentucky Symphony 


"It is a joy to collaborate with Dan! He is a masterful composer and a skillful listener. At every turn, Dan makes thoughtful changes to the score to bring the music to life. His gentle and humorous demeanor provides a balance of seriousness and levity in rehearsal and performance. It has been an honor to work with Dan, and I look forward to future projects."

Michelle Kiec, Clarinetist

"Daniel Perttu is an extraordinary modern-age composer.  His music is inspired by Baroque music, Brahms, the Impressionists and the Russian traditions found in Rachmaninoff.  What makes his music so unique is how he combines all of these aspects of style while using his own harmonic and melodic language.  The result is music that is composed in layers that are intriguing to work out and to unravel as you prepare for performance.  Here is a composer who is sensitive to the demands of his works on the musicians who perform them and is open to receive feedback on musical and technical issues.  Dan’s music is so well constructed that it does not need to be revised or should be revised for the benefit of the performer.”

Nancy DeSalvo, Pianist 

"It is a pleasure working with Dan. I was lucky enough to commission and premiere one of his compositions. During the rehearsal and learning process, Dan was very easy to work with. He listened to any suggestions the performers may have had, and he was very supportive of the work we were putting into his music. I am fond of the melodic and harmonic language Dan uses in his music. It is always musically engaging." 

Tim Winfield, Solo Performer and Principal Trumpet of Butler County Symphony Orchestra

"I've had the pleasure of working with Dan Perttu on his piece Algonquin Visions for flute and clarinet. In fact, the interaction expanded to include a lecture-demonstration of how the interaction of composers and performers can go. Dan was wonderful to work with on all of this. He is open to ideas, respectful of performers and their input on his music, fun and engaging. The latter two are not minor matters when it comes to working with a composer. As a performer, I can tell you that there is nothing more stressful and disappointing than a composer that will not treat performers of their work as partners in the making of great music. Dan is one of those composers that you look forward to working with and hope that another piece of music of his will be available for performance. I can't recommend enough to anyone the opportunity to work with Dan Perttu."

Carol Shansky, Flutist

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