C o m p o s i t i o n s

Concertos -- Solo + Orchestra

Concert Openers -- Orchestra

Full Orchestra, Chorus, and Soloists

String Orchestra

Wind Ensemble


Solo Instrument/Voice and Piano

Flute:  Gloamin

Clarinet:  Tarantella Folli

Alto Sax:  Towers of Dalmatia

Bassoon:  The Storr of Trotternish

Trumpet:  Torngat

Trombone:  The Storr of Trotternish

Baritone Voice:  Three Draconian Dames

Baritone Voice:  Mount Blanc

Solo Instrument

Flute:  Prism

Clarinet:  Capricious Variations

Harp:  Serenade

Violin:  Valediction

Cello:  Reflecting Pool

Woodwind Chamber Ensembles

Flute and Clarinet:  Algonquin Visions

Flute, Clarinet & Bassoon:  Tonospheres

Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon:  Three American Canvases

Mixed Chamber Ensembles

Fl, Cl, Pn, Vln, Vla, Vcl, Cb:  Elusive Unity

Fl, Cl, Pn, Vln, Vcl:  Elusive Unity

Cl, Vln, Pn:  Rhapsody

Vln, Vcl, Pn:  A Scottish Triptych

Solo Piano

One Piano, Four Hands

Two Pianos

String Chamber Ensembles