Instrumentation: - - Timp+3 - Hp - Strings

Duration:                4 minutes

Program Notes:

This piece is inspired by the legend of the Phoenix.  As the bird reaches the end of one of its life cycles that lasts 1000 years, it flies from Paradise back to our “fallen” world where it lives until it is time for it to be reborn.  The first part of this piece depicts a fallen world.  When it is time for the bird to be reborn, it sings a most beautiful farewell song that causes even the Sun to pause and listen as it was rising.  After the song was finished, the Sun started again across the sky, emitting a spark, depicted in the music, that ignites the Phoenix in flames.  After burning, a new Phoenix rises from these ashes and then returns to Paradise.



Phoenix mm. 1-74
00:00 / 02:27

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