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Fanfare Acadienne

Instrumentation: - - Timp+2 - Strings

Duration:                3 minutes

Program Notes:

Fanfare Acadienne was commissioned in 2019 by Maestro Mariusz Smolij and the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra for a celebration of their 35th Anniversary Season.  This fanfare is inspired by the song “Jole Blon,” which is commonly known as the “Cajun National Anthem.”  For contrast, the middle section is inspired by the “Mardi Gras Song.”  Since Mardi Gras is such an important part of Cajun culture, it seemed highly appropriate to make it a part of the fabric of the Fanfare.  Having lived in Lafayette, Louisiana, and been a music professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I loved being immersed in the rich culture of Cajun Country, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to blend Cajun music with my own in the creation of this Fanfare.



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