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By, Dan Perttu

In this episode of the Muse in Music video blog, I talk with Carlos Izcaray, the Music Director of the Alabama Symphony, on what inspires him about his work; how important the concept of "balance" in the arts is to creators and audiences; how to find new music for audiences that is the "right kind of challenge"; and the increasing diversity of composers in the present and what "diversity" means, including diversity of origins and diversity of paths in life. Please join us!

Photo by Taylor Campbell

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By, Dan Perttu

In this episode, I talk with Alecia Lawyer, founder and principal oboist of ROCO, a chamber orchestra based in Houston, Texas. With 127 world premiere commissions in 17 seasons, ROCO has been ranked first in the nation for performing works by women and second for programming composers of color. Alecia and I talk about how ROCO is a human relationship-driven orchestra and how this aspect of its identity is apparent in ROCO's interactions with its audiences, with its community, and with living composers.

Photo by Lynn Lane

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By, Dan Perttu

François López-Ferrer is in demand as a guest conductor of major orchestras throughout the globe and is also the Associate Conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony. He and I discuss the cultural contexts and psychological dynamics of when musicians and conductors in particular work with composers, both contemporary and from the past. Please check it out below!

Photo Credit: Noah Shaye

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