Besides being a composer of "art" music, I have built a career as a professor of music and currently as the chair of the School of Music at Westminster College.  One of the aspects of my career that I absolutely LOVE is mentoring students and other faculty.  I have worked with students to get them into graduate schools in composition and in music performance -- two highly competitive fields -- and I have helped junior faculty navigate personnel reviews and tenure and promotion reviews.  Having worked as a professor for 13 years and a chair for 6 years, I have gained a wealth of experience in my roles as a mentor and a manager, and these are experiences that make me potentially a great coach for YOU.

More generally, I LOVE helping other people maximize their career potential, whether you're in academia, the arts, or the business world.

I am particularly interested in and skilled at:

  • Helping people to understand their strengths and leverage them for their career development

  • Helping people cope with frustration and enhance skills to overcome obstacles

  • Helping people to manage challenging relationships at work

  • Helping people to maximize their productivity and efficiency, so they can balance their work and home lives more effectively

  • Helping people new to a management role adapt and grow into the role

  • Supporting and inspiring people who are mid-career who wish to grow and develop in new ways

For musicians specifically:

  • Helping performing musicians book more performances by being their own agent

  • Helping musicians interested in college teaching prepare for and increase their chances of getting college-teaching jobs

For college professors (either music-focused, or other disciplines too):

  • Helping professors make it through performance reviews and tenure/promotion reviews

  • Mentoring professors in their career development

  • Mentoring professors who are new to being department chairs or other administrative roles

  • Supporting and inspiring mid-career faculty who wish to grow and develop in new ways

In addition, I have worked with four different professional development coaches myself.  They helped me to accomplish far beyond what I believed I could do with my career in just 2 short years!  I am a believer in the coaching process because I know it works.  

What I will guarantee:

  • I am an excellent listener.  I will listen deeply and empathetically to your concerns.

  • I am a strategic thinker.  You will benefit from my abilities to analyze situations and problem solve.  

  • I am action-oriented.  I will make sure that you stay focused on whatever you want to stay focused on.

  • I adapt to clients and focus on their needs.  It's the same with my composition students:  I don't try to make their style sound like mine; I try to help them be the best they can be within their style.




"Grad school took a toll on my mental well-being and I relied partly on Dr. Perttu’s continued mentorship to help me through. Amongst many things, he reminded me constantly that I had more career options than I thought despite my doubts or the doubts of others.   At the core of his guidance, Dr. Perttu wants the best for his students, including their career contentment. This was thrown into sharp relief when I confronted the crossroad: continuing to a PhD program or finding a different path. Dr. Perttu was one of many helping me list the pros and cons. He offered advice along the lines of: “you would do well at this school and remember that very few are accepted into this program but of course, you need to be healthy.” "

Deanna Nebel

Education Staff Member at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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